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Keep your change in the piggybank. We’ve made sure you’ll never run out of coins before a cycle is finished, so say hello to clean and warm clothes fresh out of the dryer!

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Clean, safe and vibrant environment which makes my washing less of a ‘task’ and more a place where I can hang out with my roommates or catch up on social with the free wifi.

Julia L

Loving the no coins system! Modern payment methods all the way!

Ryan A

Basketcase Blog

While I was washing at Powder Laundry

While I was washing at Powder Laundry I was surfing the internet (on the free wifi of course) and reading my daily techy articles. I came across the most addict … read on

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With free WiFi & CCTV at all our locations

Feel free to sit back and relax while our eco-friendly machines take care of the dirty work, knowing that you always have someone to watch your back.

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